Hippos Restaurant Point of Sale Solution
Quick Service, Full Service, Food Truck, and Pizza Restaurant Expertise!
Powerful Features Per Type of Restaurant
Easy to use item modifiers, promotional and combination pricing, with rich sales and inventory analysis.
  • Pizzeria - Advanced modifiers for toppings based on sides of the pizza, flexible pricing logic (maximum free toppings, auto charge for higher price toppings), order entry enforcement, auto delivery charges (base + tiers based on distance), pizza box labels, delivery management, phone line integration, integrated online ordering, and real time order progress notifications to customers.

  • Quick Service / Fast Food - High efficiency and high volume transaction processing, integration with loyalty and gift card processing, integration with mobile apps, and integrations with 3rd party delivery apps.

  • Full Service - Restaurant layout, optional table side ordering, pay at the table functionality, kitchen display systems, and table reservations and wait list with email or SMS text.

  • Food Truck - The POS solution can operate 100% offline with or without an Internet connection.

  • Cafe or Bakery - High efficiency and high volume transaction processing with optional setup and inventory tracking for ingredients, etc.

  • Pub / Diner - Alcohol tracking by the ounce per drink, alcohol keg or master bottle inventory management.

  • Wine Bar - Custom searchable attributes for each wine including vintage, year, region, etc.

  • Download Hippos Restaurant Edition Brochure:
    Hippos Restaurant Edition Brochure (format: PDF, approx. 1.06 MB)
  • Download Hippos Quick Service Restaurant Edition Screenshots:
    Hippos Quick Service Restaurant Edition Screenshots (format: PDF, approx. 1.55 MB)
  • Download Hippos Full Service Restaurant Edition Screenshots:
    Hippos Full Service Restaurant Edition Screenshots (format: PDF, approx. 1.55 MB)
  • Download Hippos Cloud Screenshots for Restaurant:
    Hippos Cloud Screenshots for Restaurant (format: PDF, approx. 1.91 MB)
Menu and Floorplan Efficiency
Easy to use floor management system. Combining
or moving tables is a simple drag and drop.
Create and edit menus in minutes.
  • Servers see each menu item with description, prices, and optional inventory.
  • Enter cooking instructions and custom modifiers by menu item.
  • Make quick updates to your floorplan to reflect current service.
  • Multiple floorplans for different spaces or transitions from dine in to bar.
  • See real time order status notification icons per table. * Requires Kitchen Display Screen license.
* Requires Full Service license.
Table Side Ordering
Eliminate any lag between Front of House and Back of House
  • Send customer orders from the table directly to the kitchen.
  • Eliminate order entry mistakes.
  • Real-time inventory and out of stock notification.
  • Immediate item information for ingredients / allergies.
  • Split or combine bills at the table side.
  • Print receipts wirelessly to the printer.
* Requires Full Service license.
Payments Made Easy
Ring up orders and process payments, effortlessly.
  • Process multiple payment types on a single bill.
  • Record discounts & tips for End of Day processing.
  • E-mail customer receipts.
  • Split or combine bills.
  • Integration to EMV payment terminals.
  • Pay at the table is available with the Clover Flex.
* Hippos Connect app shown on the First Data Clover Flex
Multi-Location Automation & Performance Tracking
Access your business from anywhere, on any device, so you can
make more informed and timely business decisions.

Easily uncover details of your success
with access to insightful profit and inventory reports.
  • Centralized Item Updates
  • Multi Store Inventory Management
  • Sales, Cost, and Profit by Item and Category
  • Best & Worst Sellers
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • End of Day reports
  • Automated Emailed Reports
* Requires Hippos Cloud license

Self Serve Kiosk
Orders sent directly to the POS and back of house.
  • Centralized item setup based on the POS.
  • User friendly patron interface optimized for touch interaction.
  • Supports payment processing with supported EMV devices.
  • Multiple kiosk hardware options available. Please inquire.
  • Configurable aesthetic / white labelling options available.
Restaurant POS Value Added Features
Customer Facing Dual Screen
  • Non-touch customer facing display screen in a 60/40 ratio.
  • Display the itemized bill and change due.
  • Display images and videos on a slideshow for sales and marketing and upsell purposes.
Now Serving Screen
  • External non-touch customer facing display screen to display open to-go orders, and orders ready for pickup.
  • Display the customer name, order number, or ticket number.
  • Display images and videos on a slideshow for sales and marketing and upsell purposes.
Kitchen Display Screen (KDS)
  • View orders in the back of house entered from the front of house.
  • Quickly mark items or orders as complete.
  • Stay organized with color coded and timed on screen chits.
  • Built in support for a multi-station setup. i.e. prep, grill, fryer, etc.
  • Use as a pickup station and enter orders * Requires a Restaurant POS license.
Dedicated Takeout Order Screen
  • Dedicated to take out orders (to-go, pickup, and delivery).
  • Enter new take out orders with fulfillment 'Now' or 'Later' (future date and time).
  • Easily identify open orders that have not been picked up.
  • Supports sending SMS text message notifications to customers for pick up orders.
    * Additional software license activation required.
  • View inbound online orders (supports Hippos Online Ordering, Skip The Dishes, Moduurn Mobile App Orders).
    * Additional software license activation required.
  • Supports phone line integration connected to customer profile(TAPI).
    * Additional software license activation required.
Ticket Numbering
  • Optionally use ticket numbers instead of order numbers.
  • Ticket number ranges can be set by order type (pick up, to go, delivery, etc.)
  • Automatically restart number ranges once the maximum ‘Ending Number’ has been reached.
  • Optionally use a prompt to reset ticket numbering as a part of the End Of Day process.
Phone Line Integration
  • Allows the caller ID from the phone to be automatically sent to the POS.
  • Automatically match to existing customers / members.
  • Bring up the customer / member profile and display previous orders for quick duplication.
  • Support for traditional phone line or Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone line.
Advanced Item Modifers
  • Includes order entry enforcement, dynamic pricing logic, dynamic visibility logic.
  • Pizza configuration - toppings based on sides (whole, left, right, 1/3, 1/4, etc.).
  • Bubble tea configuration - build your drink (pick temperature, sweet, ice, foam, toppings, tea base, etc.).
Advanced Item Modifers Continued
  • Diner configuration - build your own omelette (pick your ingredients), pick from multiple bread options, pick from multiple sides, etc.
  • Custom cake configuration - selection of cake flavour, icing flavor and color, toppings, etc.
  • General configuration - build your own main/entree (pick from multiple meat options, pick from multiple bread options, pick from multiple sides, etc.).
Automatic Label Printing
  • Automatically print item labels for takeout bags.
  • Automatically print item labels with modifiers for bubble tea or coffee cups.
  • Automatically print labels for pizza boxes.
  • Adjust the font size for labels to meet your requirements.
Unlimited Custom Attributes Per Item
  • Create searchable item tags for dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, etc.).
  • Record item details for wine (vintage, vinyard, body, etc.).
  • Record primary item ingredients such as vodka for alcoholic mixed drinks.
Inventory Management
  • Real time inventory tracking of items, combos, and ingredients.
  • Create a bill of materials / recipe for precise costing and quantity traceability.
  • Support for up to 4 decimal places with advanced unit of measure conversions.
  • Never run out of critical items by using reorder levels for items.
Advanced Sales Price and Promotion Logic
  • Create "Happy Hour" deals, loss leader item combinations, and promote ingenious pairings.
  • Place items on sale per date range, day of the week, time, and order type.
  • Simple or complex support for "buy something get something" deals for items or groups.
Predefined or Custom Instructions
  • Create and select item instructions for dietary restrictions, allergies, and sensitivites.
  • Enter custom instructions on the fly.
  • Specify hold times per item.
Configurable Taxes
  • Manage tax codes (provincial / state, federal, etc.) and apply tax rules.
  • Supports advanced conditional logic for tax application.
  • Accurately set taxes for Prepared Food & Beverages, Snack Fooods, Alcoholic Beverages, etc.
  • Enter item discounts and order discounts by dollar or percentage.
  • Select from a list of user defined discount reasons.
  • Create Discount Codes (promo codes) with redemption limits, order type restrictions for instore or online processing.
Splitting Bills
  • Create unlimited bils.
  • Split evenly.
  • Move items from one bill to another bill.
  • Share items between one or multiple bills.
  • Merge items from multiple bills onto a single bill.
  • Single select start over function to undo your changes.
Automatic Delivery Charges
  • Built in connection to Google Maps to determine the kilometers or miles from the store to the delivery address.
  • Automatic calculation and addition of a delivery charge to the bill during order entry.
  • Specify a fixed base rate (minimum charge) for delivery orders.
    For example: All delivery orders could have a delivery charge of $3.00
  • Specify an additional rate per kilometer or mile for delivery orders.
    For example: All delivery orders could calculate $0.65 per kilometer or mile for 0 to 999999 kilometers or miles.
Automatic Delivery Charges Continued
  • Optionally specify a calculated variable charge based on kilometer or mile ranges / tiers.
    For example: All delivery orders could calculate:
    $0.65 per kilometer or mile for 0 to 10 kilometers or miles
    $0.80 per kilometer or mile for 11 to 20 kilometers or miles
    $0.95 per kilometer or mile for 21 to 30 kilometers or miles

    Note: The calculated delivery charge could be the optional base rate + the optional variable charges based on kilometer or mile ranges / tiers.

  • Optionally specify delivery charge exemption based on the order value.
    For example: All delivery orders $100.00 or more may not have a delivery charge.
Multi Store Item / Inventory Management
  • Manage multiple items across multiple store locations through a single Web based interface.
  • Update a single shared item and push the change to a single store, selected stores, or all store locations.
  • From a single store location, lookup real time item inventory quantities across multiple store locations.
  • Transfer inventory between stores with barcode scanning capability.
  • Mobile Web based app with wireless barcode scanning capability for inventory receiving or physical counts.
Multi Store Business Intelligence
  • Overlay sales, cost, and net profit for multiple locations in a single graph.
  • Analyze inventory usage across multiple locations in a single interface.
  • Compare year over year, and month over month information with a single location, selected locations, or multiple locations.
  • Setup automated reports per store for sales, refunds, inventory, end of day reports, and income statements.