The Hippos Philosophy
We value diverse perspectives and rally behind a clear and meaningful purpose. Together, we strive to achieve meaningful impact through technology.

Built with
Do the right thing for today and for tomorrow.
We're real, open and honest. We avoid corporate slogans and phony marketing spin. We believe that trust is earned over time.
We choose our features wisely and act swiftly.

What it's like working at Hippos?
We have a great team that has immense respect for one another and we are very passionate about what we are doing here. It’s where creativity, ingenuity and collaboration thrive.  
True or False: The company was named by a fellow employee?

True! We participated in a fun internal contest to name the company.
Everyone was encouraged to participate.
One member of the team wrote "Cool POS" on a piece of paper.
The word "Cool" was crossed out and was replaced with "Hip" (slang for cool).
The end result: "Hip POS".
Put it all together, and HIPPOS was born!
The rest is history in the making.
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