Hippos Retail Point of Sale Solution
Powerful Features Per Type of Store
Easy to setup lottery, bottle deposits, recycle fees, item combos, sales promotions, safe drops, and appointment bookings.
  • Convenience Store - Lottery, Safe drops, Payouts, Recycle fees, Bottle deposits, and Item combos.

  • Grocery Store - Weigh scale integration, UPC Barcoded labels, and Inventory management including by units, volume, and weight.

  • Butcher Shop - Variable price barcode support with deli scales (Intelligent / Smart Barcodes), and Inventory management.

  • Pharmacy - Variable price barcode support for prescriptions (Intelligent / Smart Barcodes), and Inventory management including lot number and batch tracking.

  • Speciality Store - Unlimited searchable custom attributes per item, Clothing barcoded labels, and Gift receipts.

  • Service (Salon, Spa) - Appointment bookings, and Sales commission tracking.

  • All - Unlimited suspended / saved orders for future processing.

  • Download Hippos Retail Edition Screenshots:
    Hippos Retail Edition Screenshots (format: PDF, approx. 0.67 MB)
  • Download Hippos Retail Edition Features:
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  • Download Hippos Cloud Screenshots for Retail:
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Payments Made Easy
Ring up orders and process payments, effortlessly.
  • Process multiple payment types on a single bill
  • Record discounts & tips for End of Day processing
  • E-mail customer receipts
  • Integration to EMV payment terminals
Multi-Location Automation & Performance Tracking
Access your business from anywhere, on any device, so you can
make more informed and timely business decisions.

Easily uncover details of your success
with access to insightful profit and inventory reports.
  • Centralized Item Updates
  • Multi Store Inventory Management
  • Sales, Cost, and Profit by Item and Category
  • Best & Worst Sellers
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • End of Day reports
  • Automated Emailed Reports
* Requires Hippos Cloud license
Event Ticketing
Sell and print tickets to events
  • Create tickets for admission to events such as fares, shows, etc.
  • Setup automated special pricing using flexible promotion pricing rules.
  • Use Discount Codes to apply discounts with optional redemption limits.
  • Print tickets automatically from the POS.
Retail POS Value Added Features
Customer Facing Dual Screen
  • Customer facing display screen in a 60/40 ratio.
  • Display the itemized bill and change due.
  • Display images and videos on a slideshow for sales and marketing and upsell purposes.
Lottery Sales, Redemptions and Free Tickets
  • Automatic prompt for custom price for lottery sale.
  • Automatic prompt for (negative) custom price for lottery redemption / payout.
  • Automatic prompt for custom price for lottery free ticket with automatic entry of sale and redemption.
  • Use lottery redemptions / payouts as applied payments for a sale of products.
  • Dedicated lottery section for reporting on the End of Day report.
Safe Drop, Reverse Safe Drop, and Payout
  • Automatic prompt for a safe drop based on a configurable cash bill denomination or cash drawer balance.
  • Reverse safe drop for payout purposes.
  • Pay employees (petty cash, sales commission, tip payout), or suppliers from your cash drawer balance with a printed receipt.
Automatic Bottle Deposit / Recycle Fees
  • Automatic recycle / environmental fees as a dollar value per item.
  • Automatic bottle deposit fees as a non taxable dollar value per item.
Advanced Item Combo Setup
  • Preconfigured item combos based on items or groups of items.
  • Automatic reverse lookup for combos for special combo pricing.
  • Automatic prompts for a configure to order combo (select 1 of 3 options, then select 1 of 5 options, etc.)
Weigh Scale Integration
  • Integration with PC / POS compatible weigh scales (up to 4 decimal place precision).
    - Brecknell scales, models 6710U and 6720U
    - Magellan / Datalogic scale and scanner combo units, models series 8200 to 9500 (8200, 8300, 8400, 8500, 8600, 8700, 8800, 8900, 9000, 9100, 9200, 9300, 9400, 9500)
  • Automatic prompt to enter weight for items sold by weight.
  • The weight from the scale will be automatically entered into the prompt.
  • Support for unit of measure conversions. i.e. pounds to ounces, etc.
  • Prompt for container offset (negative weight) for containers provided by customers.
Variable Barcode (Deli Scale, Pharmacy)
  • Scan variable barcodes / deli scale barcodes / pharmacy prescription barcodes.
  • The system will automically determine the item and price from the barcode.
Barcoded Labels
  • Print UPC barcodes directly from the system.
  • Barcoded labels can be used for store packed products, or for merchandising fixtures.
  • Labels display the UPC barcode, item name, and price.
Clothing Barcoded Labels
  • Print 2 part clothing barcoded labels; 1 part displays the barcode, 1 part displays the item information.
  • Supports printing of custom item attributes such as model names, sizes, etc.
Unlimited Item Attributes
  • Create unlimited custom attributes per item for model names, sizes, descriptors, keywords, etc.
  • Item attributes are searchable during the order entry and sales process.
Discounts / Sales Promotions
  • Sales promotion logic per item or group based on a date range, day of the week, and time with fixed dollar sales price or discount percentage.
  • Setup promotions for buy something, get something (BOGO - Buy One Get One).
  • On demand dollar or percentage variable discounts per order or item.
  • Preset dollar or percentage discounts for Members / Customers per item or group.
Inventory Management
  • Real time inventory management with alerts for low stock.
  • Inventory lot tracking with optional expiry date tracking.
  • Support for up to 4 decimal places with advanced unit of measure conversions.
  • Inventory audit trails based on inventory logs.
Appointment Bookings
  • In store appointment bookings by employee calendar.
  • View all employee calendars for concurrent bookings.
  • Automatic email or SMS text appointment reminders.
Sales Commission Tracking
  • Set items as being applicable for sales commission.
  • Track sales commissions by employee by order or per item.
  • Print sales commission reports by employee.
Gift Receipts
  • Create gift receipts per item during the cash out process.
  • Create gift receipts per item on demand after the sale.
Saved Orders / Suspended Transactions
  • Unlimited saved / suspended orders.
  • View and load saved orders from any date.
Multi Store Centralized Item Updates
  • Manage multiple items across multiple store locations through a single Web based interface.
  • Update a single shared item and push the change to a single store, selected stores, or all store locations.
Multi Store Inventory Management
  • From a single store location, lookup real time item inventory quantities across multiple store locations.
  • Transfer inventory between stores with barcode scanning capability.
  • Mobile Web based app with wireless barcode scanning capability for inventory receiving or physical counts.
Multi Store Business Intelligence
  • Overlay sales, cost, and net profit for multiple locations in a single graph.
  • Analyze inventory usage across multiple locations in a single interface.
  • Compare year over year, and month over month information with a single location, selected locations, or multiple locations.
  • Setup automated reports per store for sales, refunds, inventory, end of day reports, and income statements.